License Plate

License Plate

Passionate parents and educators throughout Michigan are needed to encourage Committee members to vote on House Bill 4004 and to vote "yes". Committee Chair Wayne Schmidt may be reached at  Other committee members are listed here

In order to provide another stream of revenue for Early On Michigan, House Bill (HB) 4004 would create the Early On Michigan license plate.

On May 14, 2013, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee heard powerful testimony about Early On

Thank you for supporting this important opportunity!

Support for families

The Early On Michigan Foundation strengthens programs that support families of infants and toddlers who have delays in development or disabilities.  The Foundation raises funds to enhance early intervention services through Early On Michigan for families of eligible infants and toddlers so that their optimal development is supported. 

Why do families need Early On Michigan?

New parents who find themselves caring for children with special needs, from minor delays to significant disabilities, often need services for their children (such as speech therapy or physical therapy) and support (such as strategies for feeding and bathing) in order to help their children develop to their fullest potential.

Children and their families need support so that they can grow, develop, and be as ready as possible for success with friends, in school, and in life.

Upcoming Events

There are no Early On Michigan Foundation events scheduled at this time.


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