Continue to Strengthen Early On

Under Governor Whitmer's administration, funding for Early On has increased! As a result, more families of eligible infants and toddlers are receiving higher quality, more frequent services. The increases in funding are strengthening our early intervention system. 

For Fiscal Year 2025, the Early On Michigan Foundation recommends continuing this important work through an increase of $15 million in state funding under Section 54d of the School Aid Act, to bring state funding levels to $37.3 million. Let's continue the movement to ensure that every family with an eligible baby receives the high quality services necessary to support optimal developmental outcomes!

Early On Needs YOU

While there are Early On success stories, funding for Early On is not adequate to meet the needs of all eligible infants and toddlers and their families throughout Michigan.  You can help in any of the following ways:

  1. Share information with your State Representative and/or State Senator about the need for state funding for Early OnEarly On uses evidence-based practices in working with families.  Research, talking points, and State Representative/Senator contact information are available under the Resources tab.
  2. Get involved.  Volunteer to serve on your Early On local interagency coordinating council.  Contact information for your Early On Coordinator is listed here.
  3. Donate to the Early On Michigan Foundation.  Your tax-deductible contribution will provide resources toward strengthening Early On and establishing state funding for Early On.  Donating is easy online or by writing a check to the Early On Michigan Foundation and sending it to the address below.

Upcoming Events

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